Photos, facts and fibs... X-ray vision — part 2
Vol.19, No.02, March 2011

This quiz is just for fun. Test your diagnostic skills with the photos, then separate truth from fiction in the statements about chronic kidney disease. Any of the statements might be true… and any might just be us pulling your leg.

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Photo, Facts and Fibs

1. Match these radiographs: 1. Cardiomegaly of heart failure; 2. Lipoma – this “pulmonary mass” was revealed to be no such thing when the patient removed his shirt; 3. Right-sided aortic arch; 4. Pleural effusion; 5 Pneumothorax (right side); 6. Small cell lung cancer; 7. COPD with lung hyperinflation; 8 Pneumoperitoneum.

2. Chronic kidney disease: 2. a) True; b) True; c) False, a low protein diet helps retard progression in CKD; d) False, diuretics can be used to treat edema or hypertension; e) False, patients are usually pale; f) False, this has not been shown to help; g) True.


We'll send you $100 if we print your diagnostic challenge. Send case description (app. 450 words) with final diagnosis and outcome to:

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