Hypertension in diabetes mellitus
The best ways to treat
Diabetes mellitus DM and hypertension HTN are two of Canada s most common and worrisome diseases. It s estimated that 2 million Canadians are living with type 2 DM and another 6 million have been diagnosed with HTN.1,2 The mortality and morbidity rates are higher when patients have a combination ...





Painful peripheral neuropathy

Preauricular pits and tags

Polymorphous light eruption

Can ASA help prevent vascular events in DM?

ADHD — more controversies

Pearls on stroke

Pyoderma gangrenosum

Fear and anxiety

Alopecia areata

Down the hatch

The statin paradox

Long QT syndrome

Urticaria pigmentosa

Diabetes and childhood obesity

Complex regional pain syndrome

Remaining CALM

Diabetic nephropathy

Narrow options


Does diabetes cause cancer?


“My child has fever”

Shoulder pain — simplified


Type 2 diabetes and South Asians

A losing strategy

Fabry’s disease

My child has fever…

Alcohol and aggression

Cutaneous larva migrans

How to head off migraine

The power of positive thinking

Diabetic gastroparesis

Hard on the heart

Infantile colic redux

Gestational diabetes

Not for love or money

Cimex lectularius a.k.a. bedbugs

Baa-aa-aa… goat’s milk in (human) kids

Bell’s palsy

The neuroscience of peace

Born under a bad sign

Eczema herpeticum

The risk of chronic pain and disability

Beware henna tattoos

Defeating the “vortex” of depression

Type 2 diabetes

The heart and skin connection

A baby aspirin a day

Overprescribing: the easy way out


Worried to death

Skin hydration

The case for acupuncture

Post-traumatic anger

Diabetes Type II: Diabetes and vascular risk

Diabetes Type II: Diabetes in children

Pediatric euthanasia

Acrodermatitis enteropathica

The miracle drug?

Depression post-angioplasty

Adolescent health and sexuality

The many faces of candidiasis

The latest on atrial fibrillation

Diuretics: in the loop

Lichen sclerosis

When they stop breathing

Platelet-rich plasma injection

New evidence on the pharmacotherapy of bipolar disorder

Pregnancy and the heart

The forgotten art of disciplining children

Making a drama out of a crisis

Hailey-Hailey disease

To pierce or not to pierce… that is the question?

Botulinum toxin

Acute pericarditis

Head lice

Pediatric asthma

Rheumatoid arthritis in the elderly

Bicuspid aortic valves


What’s new: the roots of depression

Prostatitis and chronic pelvic pain syndrome


Taking stock on fish oil

What’s that sound I hear?

The neurobiology of anxiety

My patient is going for surgery

Caught on camera


Relaxing your genes

Implantable defibrillators

The diagnostic value of cough


Panic attacks

Keloid scarring


Depression in children and adolescents

The feminine heart

End-stage renal disease and the skin

When kids get the blues

The glycemic index

Spotting the scammers

The schizoid spectrum

JUPITER: the study that shook the Earth

End stage renal disease and the skin

Stimulant medication and growth

Two pills are better than one

Cutaneous manifestations of diabetes mellitus — part 2

Red flags in back pain

Secrets of aging

It’s never too late… to start treating hypertension

Cutaneous manifestations of diabetes mellitus — part 1

How to use growth curves effectively

Et tu, fruity?

Mind of a psychopath

Jaw pain for the GP

Stressed out

Poison ivy

The importance of growth charts

Do plant foods benefit the kidney?

How to treat painful diabetic neuropathy

When dissociation is normal

Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Molluscum contagiosum

Bipolar watch

New starch treats glycogen storage disease

The wheezing toddler

The painkiller’s arsenal

Storing up trouble

Angular cheilitis

Vitamin D: the new panacea

Teething symptoms: myth or reality?

The fifth vital sign


Preventing CVD in diabetes

Alice binges on sweets nightly

John doesn’t enjoy life

How doctors think

Can alcohol really be good for the heart?

Eyelid dermatitis

Martha can’t sleep

A different way to cut cholesterol

Grover’s disease

Ankyloglossia and speech problems — Part 2

Nothing’s wrong with Jerry’s liver

John finds himself in the ER

Pros & cons of surrogate markers,
part 2

Does tongue-tie need intervention? — Part 1

Erythroderma poses mystery

Do soft drinks make kids fat?

Pros and cons of surrogate markers, part 1

Velvety plaques of acanthosis nigricans

Statins before adulthood?

A stubborn case of PTSD

Are ADHD meds safe?

The cancer and lifestyle tango

When the BP won’t come down…

Pustular psoriasis can be life-threatening

A look at cognitive dissonance

Keep an eye on the ascending aorta

More sweat than skin can take

Conflicts with colleagues

Timely tips for tots

When it’s bipolar disorder…

Facts on folate

New markers for CVD risk

Acne — the bane of teenagers

Babies who spit up

The perverse character

Calcium supplements: good or bad?

Monitoring BP at home

Laser therapy for esthetic flaws

Danger signs of acute gastro

Knots of anger in depression

Do drinking and diabetes mix?

Close the patent foramen ovale?

Mycosis fungoides

Take croup outside

Withdrawal doesn’t mean addiction

Vitamin D dilemma

Stronger drugs, more bleeding

Skin diseases of pregnancy

Detecting visual impairments

Integrating treatments

Fat fads

Broken heart syndrome

Scaling of the skin

Moral masochists

Atkins lives on: pros of high-fat diets

The kidney connection

The flush beyond the blush

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